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nowweretwo's Journal

Now We're Two | Jim Gordon/Bruce Wayne
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A community dedicated to the relationship between Jim Gordon & Bruce Wayne/Batman.
Welcome to Livejournal's only community devoted to the relationship between Bruce Wayne/Batman and Jim Gordon! Pull up a chair and join us in squeeing over these two lovely guys!

Every community needs some rules and here's ours, as threatenedpromised by bale_ikura


1. All posts must pertain to Batman/Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon. Fanworks and discussion featuring any incarnation of the characters are welcome!

2. Please place fanfiction and graphics behind a LJ-cut. Don't know how to make an LJ-cut? Find out here

3. Everyone here likes Batman and Gordon, but opinions and preferences might be wildly different between members. Just remember that we're here to have fun, so please be respectul of each other. Also, no bashing of characters or the actors that play them is allowed!

4. All fic ratings are allowed. Fanfictions must have a header that includes the rating. Example: FIC: Story, PG-13 Also, clearly list warnings for anything that might squick readers.

5. Real Person Slash (RPS) fic is not allowed. Neither are off-topic posts about Christian Bale, Gary Oldman and/or other actors who've portrayed Batman and Gordon. Icons with their images are, of course, most welcome.

6. Please put spoilers behind an LJ-cut.

7. There is to be NO community advertising unless it pertains exclusively to the Batman comic/movie fandom (no multifandom communities, no writing challenge sites etc UNLESS it's just Batman). Any advertising MUST be mod approved, just to make sure you've read the rules. Approval is at the mod's discretion (we're pretty easy-going anyway). If you DO get approved, please SAY you have mod approval in your post, otherwise we'll assume you didn't read the rules and delete your post.

TAG YOUR ENTRIES. here is what it should look like.

knivesandlint - a Joker fanworks community

Thanks to minty_peach for the coding and shikon_icons for the header.