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I was playing Arkham Knight which got me in the mood to read bruce and jim fanfic. I remembered a epic fanfic by gaudy knight called "Jim Gordon’s Life As A Series Of Clichés". I really want to read this again and was wondering if anyone had a copy to send me. I know this is a long shot but I really enjoyed reading this fic. So much so that I actually remember it years later.
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Fanfic Rec

In my desperate search for more Batman/Gordon, I dared enter the Pit. And came back with treasure.

What: The author is "pantomimicry" and started a drabble series back in September 2012 (which I already loved back then). Since then they added two more drabble series' (last one still unfinished but going strong). Each one going to consist of 10 chapters.

Why: The author has a lovely grip on the pairing, I adored the characterization and atmosphere of each chapter. The chapters (each a drabble) are short, but the author really has a way with words and there is so much going on in-between. And let's not forget the Pr0n (which is HOT)! And it kinda, sorta has romance, too (awwww).

A must-read I think (with, unjustifiably, almost no comments so far :-/ ).

Without further ado:
Part 1: A Perpetual Leap (Finished, 10 chapters)
Part 2: And Countless Shadows (Finished, 10 chapters)
Part 3: Below Their World (WiP, 4 chapters)

Edit 2014-01-12: "Below Their World" is now complete with 10 chapters.
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Now we are two (roof top)


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