Is there anybody???

Hello i'm new here
I wonder if anyone can help me

I recently read
Valmouth's Convenience, Damaged, Children
Lucius_complex's The Aged Ingenue
Noelia_g's First Time
Blacktofade's Cared For
Ragdoll987's Divergence
Tkp(lettered)'s You Ought To Know
Destinyawakened's Casual Encounters
Brushed_velvet's Sight Unseen
and i'm reading Jane_potter's Bird Of Prey now.
These are all exellent works and my favorite! I really appreciate it!!

Btw I found that some works are unavailable now. I can not find Gaudy_night's works any where... If it is not a rude question, is there anybody who has a copy of her(or his?) works?
I know there was already a same question, but I'm really desperate..
if you see this, gaudy! i really love you and i want to read your work!!!

Thank you for reading this. I hope I wasn't rude.and sorry for my bad english .

help finding a fic

I was playing Arkham Knight which got me in the mood to read bruce and jim fanfic. I remembered a epic fanfic by gaudy knight called "Jim Gordon’s Life As A Series Of Clichés". I really want to read this again and was wondering if anyone had a copy to send me. I know this is a long shot but I really enjoyed reading this fic. So much so that I actually remember it years later.